Superfast! Perfect for garment labelling.

Innoprinter Technology

The compact InnoPrinter® MK1 semi-automatic heat transfer press machine provides a ground breaking way to print high quality clothing neck labels directly into garments in less than a second.

The innovative ‘continuous-roll’ system makes it possible for low skilled workers to print 4 colour designs onto a wide range of fabrics without the use of wet inks.

With maximum printable area of 100x100mm worktable, the InnoPrinter® MK1 is an extremely versatile heat transfer press, perfect for ‘tagless’ garment labelling, pocket printing, ownership tagging and much more.

Innoprinter MK1

Technical characteristics for MK1 models:

  • Dimensions: 55x75x45 cm
  • Max working area: 100×100 mm
  • Weight: 65 kgs
  • Voltage: 230 VAC 50-60 HZ
  • Consumption: 350 W
  • Allowed pressure: 4-6 bar
  • Temperature: 25-230ºC
  • Pressure time: 0,05-60 sec
  • Maximum head pressure: 5400Nw (560 kg)
  • Max printing Speed: 1000 print/h

HS CODE: 844319

Innoprinter MK1

✅Electrical Power required: 220v 60hz
✅Is required a Compressor of 1 KW
✅Delivered with 2 working bases: 100×100 mm & 80×60 mm

✅Delivered with 2 silicone magnetic bases: 100×100 mm & 80×60 mm

oeko tex lable


Innoprinter mk1 application
Innoprinter mk1 application label

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